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You've Been Working At The Same Dead End Job For Far Too Long

Online shopping is taking over and budget cuts have really taken a toll on the store. The lighting sucks, the shelves are barely stocked, and everybody's constantly pissed off. It seems no matter what you do it ends with you being yelled at by someone. What's the point? All you can do is try to survive your shift without having to do any work.

Collect random items you find. Craft new unique items to fend off customers and management. Use your environment to hide. You'll have to be quick and vigilant if you want to survive your shift.

How To Survive

Mouse - Camera Movement
Left Click - Select Menu Buttons, Drag Inventory Items
W,A,S,D - Player Movement
E - Pick Up Items
Space - Open Regular Inventory
C - Open Crafted Inventory
Left Shift - Sprint/Open Crafting Menu (while Inventory is open)

Use your inventory to stock up on items, but choose carefully. You can only carry so much at a time. Use items by dragging them out of your inventory and onto the upper half of the screen. Delete items by dragging them to the lower half of the screen.


Creative Director

Josh Ruble

Game Designer

Josh Ruble

Level Designer

Zach Ridings
Dorian Green
Mark Watson

Narrative Designer

Josh Ruble
Aaron Salmonowicz


Josh Ruble
Zach Ridings

3D Artist

Mark Watson
Danny Hook
Zach Ridings

2D Artist

Josh Ruble
Garret Slosson


Justin Bryant

Audio Engineer

Aaron Salmonowicz

Voice Actor

Aaron Salmonowicz
Susan Trupiano
Carolyn Schmaltz


Matt Burton
James Macanufo
Josh Ruble

This game began as a student project made for Webster University's GAME 4600 Production class and is still in active development.

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file in a place of your choosing. After it's unpacked, double click on the .exe inside the folder and do your best to survive your shift.


Superstore Survival Test Build.zip 373 MB

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